Life Skills Prep Camp 2019

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Hi! Just to let you know he is asking to go back to camp, in his own way, and talks about a camper still, WoW!

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I just want to share that I am SO excited about this camp. I have NEVER felt comfortable dropping her off at a camp with such lengthy hours. We’ve never found the right fit. She’s very high functioning, but doesn’t ever fit into the typically developing group.

She’s HAPPY!! She looks forward to going, talks about it, and praises it. It’s simply awesome. She feels that she’s part of something. This is the key that has been missing on our new homeschooling journey for the past year.

Thank you!!!! Jennifer



He was mad at me yesterday, he was "today 26 and Ms Lori is 22". I told him you are sick, if you want to go you have to be healthy and eat. He said, "oh no I want to go, my friends, Ms Lori, and Rick, sorry Mr Rick". You guys made a positive impression that he wants to go. Lol Thank you. He only went two days a week and he talks about you guys. Thanks. Please tell Mr Rick that during his birthday his student dance hip hop on his birthday party and surprised everyone two steps but he own it. Lol

Lori Stephens has been our son’s life coach for about 2 years now.  She came into our lives when our son was in the 5th grade and was diagnosed with ADHD predominately inattentive type.  He struggles with organizational skills, inattentiveness, social awkwardness etc.  Lori has worked with him greatly and with her help, has gotten us the tools that our son needs to function properly in school.  We have seen such a great difference in our son especially during the hard, middle school transition (5th to 6th grade).  He has matured greatly, in school he is blooming and even at home we have seen such a positive change.  Lori has brought out skills in our son that we never knew he had.  There is still some work to do with him, however I truly trust Lori will continue that fight.

Lori is an amazing, professional life coach and passionate advocate who takes pride in what she does, and is not afraid of “getting dirty” if needed.  She strives to help children in need and dig into the educational system to get the tools needed for our children’s assistance.  We believe so much in what she does and how she is slowly changing our lives (our son’s of course, and ours as well, because she has helped us work with our son as well).

We believe in her work and love for our son and we are very blessed and thankful for having Lori on our side!



Christine Medina




Life Skills Prep Camp (LSPC) was created because I had a vision of being able to provide an environment for students of all ability levels to explore different activities with the intent of igniting their passions, see what they are good at and give them an outlet for expressing their creativity.


Helping students/children see another perspective can be HUGE.  At LSPC we work diligently to understand students and how they think (especially about a specific situation) and help them understand the point of view of others involved in the situation.  Never with the idea of changing the student but with the idea of allowing them to understand what is going on around them from another perspective which allows them to begin to understand how and why other people react the way they do.


 All of this while applying FUNctional executive functioning strategies and instruction throughout the day that promotes appropriate communication and problem solving.  If you think about Ballroom Dancing, it requires a person to be aware of their body in space (proprioception – OT term), remember the steps of the different dances (executive functioning), process the rhythm and beat, as well as, count and move on said beats (all of which are executive functioning skills).


When working with students throughout the school year in a 1 on 1 situation, those students can give the appropriate answer but taking the information in an isolated office situation and applying it in a social setting or at school can be very challenging for children.  Creating the camp gave us (the professionals) a platform for showing the students when to use the strategies they’ve been taught in a safe, supported environment.






Limited enrollment to maintain low staff to camper ratio

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