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What is Life Skills Prep Camp?

LSPC is a camp for all students that want to experience a plethora of recreational activities to explore what resonates with them. Many of the activities at the camp may not have been considered as an option by a family but since it is presented in a supported environment and everyone else is doing it, campers are more likely to participate and get a lot out of the experience.


Some of the activities include, music, drama, ballroom dancing, hip-hop or fluid movement, art and believe it or not, exercise -  including running and yoga!

As you can see from the list of activities there are many opportunities to tap into the campers’ creativity which is something they do not generally get to experience in their day to day life.


What you may NOT see by looking at the list is all of the underlying skills Campers will be gaining by participating in the activities.  Problem solving, communication skills, social skills, executive functioning reinforcement, self-control, muscle building and control, occupational and physical therapy strategies to name a few.


Who is Life Skills Prep Camp for?

Life Skills Prep Camp is for children ages 5 –14. There are no prerequisite skills necessary for any of the sessions as all are adapted for the level of camper we have as we are an inclusive environment.

We host students that are typically developing as well as students with physical disabilities, ADHD, and high functioning Autism/Asperger’s.


Why was Life Skills Prep Camp created?


Working with students in a one on one situation the students almost always can tell you the right answer as to what they should be doing or how they should react in a social situation or a stressful situation but actually applying what they know in the situation is another story.


It became apparent that students needed an opportunity to practice and implement the skills we have been working on so an environment needed to be provided for this to happen which is the first reason LSPC was even conceived.


Another contributing factor to the creation of the camp is that many of the students that I work with on a regular basis don’t fare well in a typical camp. There are too many children, not enough trained staff, too much unstructured time and way too much ‘wait time’ without support.


Some students are fortunate enough to learn how to handle these situations just by observing, modeling and gentle guidance.


Others need direct instruction with many opportunities to practice without judgement.



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How Can You Help?


Your sponsorship can help sponsor a student that is unable to afford the camp!

Types of Involvement/Sponsorships


    $1,200 Gold Level: sponsors full tuition for one child


    $600 Bronze Level: sponsors partial tuition for one child



Benefits of Involvement and Working with Us!

$600: Bronze Level


Inclusion of logo on all digital media and link to company website.

$1200: Gold Level


Inclusion of logo on all digital and print media, link to company website and promotional materials provided to camper families.






For more information, please call Lori at 941-345-7574

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