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Lori Stephens
Lori Stephens

Lori has been in the education field for over 20 years helping students achieve success.

Working with students and families for success in school and home life has been very rewarding as the students learn and grow while the family bond gets stronger due to the diminishing stress of managing school work. As a result of her work as a School Success Coach and Learning Specialist she realized that there was a need for a platform to apply some of the life skills learned in her one on one sessions with the students she currently serves during the school year.

Summer can be a challenging time for families with special needs children. Having a vacation from day to day school work changes the dynamics at home.

Lori saw the need to create a place for children to engage with other children in a fun atmosphere while introducing them to new things, discovering hidden talents. Hence, Life Skills Prep Camp was founded!

What are parents saying about working with Lori ...


Lori Stephens has been our son’s life coach for about 2 years now. She came into our lives when our son was in the 5th grade and was diagnosed with ADHD predominately inattentive type. He struggles with organizational skills, inattentiveness, social awkwardness etc. Lori has worked with him greatly and with her help, has gotten us the tools that our son needs to function properly in school. We have seen such a great difference in our son especially during the hard, middle school transition (5th to 6th grade). He has matured greatly, in school he is blooming and even at home we have seen such a positive change. Lori has brought out skills in our son that we never knew he had. There is still some work to do with him, however I truly trust Lori will continue that fight.
Lori is an amazing, professional life coach and passionate advocate who takes pride in what she does, and is not afraid of “getting dirty” if needed. She strives to help children in need and dig into the educational system to get the tools needed for our children’s assistance. We believe so much in what she does and how she is slowly changing our lives (our son’s of course, and ours as well, because she has helped us work with our son as well).
We believe in her work and love for our son and we are very blessed and thankful for having Lori on our side!

Christine Medina